The creative force behind the launch of

Florida: Mission Everglades

Our team led the creative direction and execution of fundraising collateral, exhibit signage, promotional and commercial materials, mascot development and many graphic elements needed for the VIP Preview Event, groundbreaking ceremony and celebratory exhibit day launch.

Building excitement

through branding

The Challenge:

The launching of a new zoo exhibit area involved many intricate and moving parts. Our team was charged with creating several critical design components that would ultimately help with fundraising and promote the exhibit area launch.

The Solution:

Our design team leveraged its previous experience with Zoo Miami and led the creative direction and execution of various design elements related to the exhibit. We created fundraising collateral and the graphic elements needed for the VIP preview event, groundbreaking ceremony, and exhibit day launch. In addition, our team skillfully designed the overall exhibit branding elements, signage, and promotional materials.

VIP Preview Event Invitation
Ground Breaking Event
Florida: Mission Everglades Sponsorship Brochure

Innovative design elements

helped raise critical funding

Pre-launch sponsorship brochures allowed potential sponsors to understand the exhibit’s mission and inspired donors and sponsors become an integral part of the exhibit through funding and naming opportunities.

This one of a kind invitation began out as an incredible idea that quickly turned into one of our greatest challenges to produce. It required identifying a specialized printer that could handle the intricate die cutting and specialized tactile varnish that gave the piece more of a 3D feel, for volume, but also had the capability of specialized bindery equipment needed to accomplish the final grommeted piece. When opened, this croc invitation is 13 inches wide!

Exhibit signage, advertising

and branding

Community News Special Commemorative issue
Flagpole Signage
Construction Fencing
Florida: Mission Everglades Exhibit Launch

Themed promotional collateral