Discovery kids Latin America

Launches a Licensing Division

The Challenge:

Extending the Doki character beyond appearing solely in the interstitial environment and expanding his reach into a broader consumer environment.

The Solution:

Our team developed licensing guides that contained multiple themes and style variations to create diversity in products and signage while maintaining overarching brand standards and personality.

Style Guide

Themes Character Art

Style Guide

Product Concepts

Products Developed with Licensee

Signage and Packaging

Introducing Mundi!

The success of the initial Doki launch led to the development of new characters to help provide more opportunities to align with strategic partners.

Expanding Opportunities

While setting guidelines

Soon after Discovery Latin America launched their licensing programs, they quickly realized that there was great potential to partner with brands to extend the brand message. Promotions help to stimulate product purchases and help to shape product perceptions, increase brand awareness and create connections in the market. We were charged with developing a guide that put in place critical guidelines to make sure the integrity of the brand is preserved and that proper partners are identified.

Evolution of a licensed mascot


Doki character and licensing programs expanded to include more than 50 licensees across Latin America in categories such as toys, games, apparel, publishing and stationery.* These licensed programs became the foundation for a show dedicated to Doki and his new friends called “Doki”. Parrot Fish Studio developed the Press Kit to support the launch of the show.