Zoo Squad

Launching a new mascot program at a zoo

Our innovative designers and illustrators bring decades of experience creating proprietary characters, going beyond simple illustration and vibrantly bringing them to life. Our mascot designs highlight their unique and colorful personalities and individual attributes in a manner that effectively connects to your brand and target audience. In addition, a mascot is a great way to open opportunities for potential revenue through strategic alliances and corporate partners.

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2D Character Sketches

Zoo Squad Mascot Design & Development

Mascots, promotional items and branded signage are a great way to add value and extend brand reach!

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Promotional Items

New exhibit area + current Zoo Squad mascots popularity =

Ellie the Croc

As part of the new Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit launch, our team was tasked with the creation and execution of the exhibit’s official mascot “Ellie”. From 2D sketches to final costume production, our team transformed “Ellie” from a sketch concept to the beloved mascot synonymous with Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit.

Zoo Squad Logo

2D Character Sketches

Zoo Squad Mascot Design & Development

Invitation and Coloring Activity Sheet

Ellie Hatch Day Event POP Designs

Seasonal Costume Designs

Disney Consumer Products

Latin America

During our collective tenure with Disney Consumer Products Latin America our team was able to develop seasonal products, retail style guides and event graphics. Here are various samples of our work.

Walt Disney Records POP Program

Christmas Signage & Advertising

Baby Product Concepts

Stationary Product Concepts

Back to School product Concepts

Holiday Signage

Christmas Signage Program

Product Concepts

Baby Abuelita

The Baby Abuelita brand launched it’s initial product line with endearing sing-along dolls. Overtime, the brand looked to extend their reach into other licensing categories. Our team was tasked with translating the dolls into 2D character art and developing a mini style guide based on the doll’s iconic song “Duermete mi Nino/Nina”.


Style Guide


Elephant Doll, Packaging and Character Art Design

Character Art Design

Packaging Design

La Cubanita

La Cubanita brand, an established and well-regarded Cuban food brand, was bought by new, younger owners and they wanted to modernize the brand as a whole. Their products can be found throughout the major supermarkets across the US. That required a rework of the Cubanita character and logo.

As an extension of the redesign of the brand, included redesign of Packaging.

Mascot & Logo Redesign

As an extension of the redesign of the brand, included redesign of packaging.

Emerging Licensed

Products Lines

A basic style guide serves as an impactful sales tool. We are often approached to develop style guides for not yet known properties such as My1STory And Farm Team and Christmas Key.

Farm Team

The Key to a Magical Christmas

My1STory by Snap Toys animated Jack’s Beanstalk story